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We are sorry to hear that you will not be attending this years Founders Day event; no matter the reason, we would like to inform you of other options. 

 The OKAA enjoys bringing such events as Founders Day every year to our brothers in Phi Kappa Psi. Founders Day, however, is only one of the many activities and programs we would like to accomplish. We are looking to:
  • Increase activity throughout Oklahoma with new events

  • Provide a way for Alumni to be involved with Phi Psi success

Currently, we have two strong groups in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Both groups live up to our mission, “To provide opportunities for Phi Psi Alumni in the Oklahoma area to foster new and old connections through exciting activities.”  

We can only accomplish our goals with your support through OKAA Membership Dues. The dues are used to cover required fees to the national fraternity, operational costs, the upfront expense associated with planning OKAA events, and the promotion of Alumni activity in Oklahoma.

Dues are only $30. We ask that you support our endeavors in Phi Kappa Psi by your participation in the OKAA for 2017.

 As you know, while you are in college, expenses are very tight. Paying for dues, food, tuition, and the fees that OU tacks on. You can help our Active Brothers attend this years Founders Day by purchasing their ticket. Oklahoma Alpha currently have 53 brothers, and 2 tickets have already been purchased by our Alumni Brothers. If you wish to help out, our Active Brothers will be grateful for it.

During the summer we will be hosting Fast Times at Phi Psi Golf Tournament. Reserve your spot today.