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Brewery Tour 2019

The Oklahoma Alumni Association would like you to join us in Tulsa on July 13th for our Second Annual Brewery Tour.

This year’s event will focus on the local Tulsa craft breweries of Marshall, Cabin Boys, and two others to be determined. The day will begin with a late lunch/early dinner (4p.m.) at Prairie’s Brewpub (223 N. Main St.) before the tour. Paid parking for the day and where the Brew Bus will pick us up is in the parking lot by Prairie Brewery (302 N. Main St.) We will be a Night Tour from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M,

Tickets for the tour are $65 for Alumni Association Members and $75 for non-members. (The membership rate is for Brothers that attended 2019 Founder's Day or paid their 2019 dues to the Assoc.) THERE ARE 14 TICKETS AVAILABLE. A Tour Ticket will get you a seat on the A/C Brew Bus, Seasonal beers at each location, and behind the scene view of Tulsa's growing brewing community. Golf, Lunch, Dinner, any additional beers and growler fill-ups will be out of pocket.

Please feel free to travel to Tulsa the night before and stay at one of our many affordable hotels like the Downtown Aloft, DoubleTree, or the Expo Inn. All are affordable and within a quick Uber ride of our venues.

For anyone who gets into town on the Friday the 12th, we will eat dinner as a group at 7 p.m. at a location to be determined.

If anyone is interested in golf, LaFortune has an easy Par 3 course, tee time approx 11 A.M. Saturday morning.

Please RSVP to Jeff D. Scott by email at jdscott1993@gmail.com or by text at 979-324-4647